My Male Companion

My Male Companion

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In the years that we have been in business, we have collected many reviews from women who have used our service, from first timers to those who have become regular loyal clients.

Here are few reviews from those who have given us the privilege to share their story with you and who many of our clients can relate to.

PLEASE NOTE: All reviews are 100% genuine, no changes or reviews of the content have been made. We simply asked those clients who first gave us their feedback if they would like to share their story with the world. We then picked different reviews from different backgrounds in order for different women to relate.

Amanda J.

I want to thanks mymalecompanion for their fantastic assistance and the long time they spent with me on the phone to walked me through this and Steve for the life time changing experience.

After a long time relationship, two beautiful kids and a recent painful divorce I needed someone next to me to make me feel worth of myself and loved. I knew it wouldn’t be completely real and that I would have to pay for someone to spend time with me but this is what I needed, a change of direction in my life.

I first emailed Eva asking for some extra information about their service and my situation. She immediately understood and recommended Steve for the occasion. I then decided whether to have only few hours of intimacy with him or an evening together. I thought, since was probably going to be a one of time experience to spoil my self and go with the 6h evening booking. I found the all process really easy and laid back; I knew this was exactly what i was looking for, it felt right straight away. Eva was great to talk to and I didn’t really expect such a deep understanding.

I almost felt like she was a really old good friend of mine…

Few really slow weeks went by till my date. I was really nervous and excited at the same time till I meet Steve.

I’ve probably only been with really few men in my life and Steve with his beautiful smile made me fall in-love straight away. It was just like a dream, unrealistically perfect.

I would say Steve is the perfect gentleman, charming and really intellectual but also fun to be with. I remember I did laugh a lot, maybe for the few drinks but surly thanks to him. We then went back to the hotel room…

He was gentle, it seems like he knew what I needed: affection, intimacy and love.

I did have a great time with him, it was also a lot of fun, unfortunately the time flied and before I knew it was midnight. ​ Male Escort Sydney Male Escorts Sydney

I felt alive again, free from all my negative thoughts and smiling again.​

Kathy M.

For few years now I haven’t really had any time for relationship. I’m a workaholic, I love my carrier and my job and I don’t really have or ever want a serious relationship for now with all the hassle and baggage that comes with it.

I needed sex, I wanted sex and nothing more, no strings attached. But not that type of Saturday night sex, when you go out with your best girlfriends, get drunk and come home with a random guy that you have just met few hours before. I wanted someone good, someone great, someone that knows women in and out. I wanted to feel that was all about me and about my pleasure without have to worry about asking him to leave or remembering his name and without the worry to have a complete strange in my house. I wanted to feel in control and have it in my own terms.

I still remember it. I google it: Male Escorts for Women in Sydney. It only took me 2 minutes for a quick research of what it was available out there. It was really easy for me to choose. Nothing was really anything close to what MyMaleCompanion looks like and offers. I had a quick read through their website, loved the videos and decided on Alex. I did call and Julie answered straight away. I didn’t really have to ask for many question, just Alex at 8pm that Wednesday night. Julie confirmed with me straight after. It was fun, lots and lots of fun. I’ve got to say Alex had a lot of stamina that night and he did really get it out of my system. Since then I found the perfect solution for my current situation. I’m seeing Alex once a month as a special treat for my self. I think it is the perfect solution for my current situation and till it works for me I will keep having fun on my own terms.​

Clare K.

All I wanted was to make my Ex furiously jealous. At the time we’ve recently split up and I just wanted to get back to him what he did to me. I know it was really childish of me but it did made me feel better and this was all it mattered at the time. Male Escort Sydney Male Escorts Sydney

I called Eva and she advised Alex. I needed someone, hot and sexy, with a smiles that would turn around all the girls in the room. Alex was perfect. I had few hours of companionship with him and in that time I could see fire spitting out from the eyes of my ex-boyfriend. I then left with Alex to make sure i would leave something for my ex to play with in his mind. The mission was accomplished. At the time I wasn’t really keeping attention of Alex presence but I was completely focused on my Ex’s reaction. Once left I did realize I was wasting my time and that Alex was more than a toy for the occasion. We spent half an hour talking and I connected with him. I felt really attracted to Alex and I did ask him if he would have liked to come over to my place for something more. I knew I didn’t have to call Eva back to extend my booking. I had a great time and Alex really made me forget about my Ex.

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