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About My Male Companion

If they aren’t in a relationship, women often feel like their only choices when they want sex are to suppress their desires, try to look after themselves or go home with a sleazy guy from a dirty club for an ultimately unsatisfying and disappointing night . But no more!

My Male Companion is a business that understands that you deserve better, and that it isn’t just women in relationships who have needs. We want to give you the night of pleasure that you crave, and help you to realise that you don’t have to settle to get companionship and intimacy – or mind blowing sex. Our companions are experienced, love women and open minded – and ready to make your fantasies come true!

  • 50 Park St, Sydney, NSW 2565
  • (02) 9232 66876
  • info@mymalecompanion.com.au

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